Gaming Roundup: Vrabeck/Legendary Pictures; PS3 Price Cut?; Ubisoft/Gold's Gym; Linden Labs' Eureka

imageKathy Vrabeck to head up Legendary Pictures’ games division?: Variety reports that the *Activision* and EA vet is in “final negotiations” with The Dark Knight movie studio to oversee its push into video games and digital entertainment; Vrabeck resigned from her post as head of EA’s casual games division late last year. Details about Vrabeck’s official title and core responsibilities are still unclear, but if Legendary does make the hire, it’s a sign that they’re serious about gaming — as she’s one of the industry’s most successful female execs.

PS3 price cut soon?: The speculation continues. This round comes from Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey, whose research note told investors that *Sony* needs to slash PS3 prices by $100 to move more units off the shelves. If not, publishers could end up shifting resources away from developing games for the console — which would be its death knell. “We believe the market is expecting a PS3 price cut in April or by June at the latest,” Hickey wrote, per

Gold’s Gym gets in the game with Ubisoft: The fitness chain is releasing Gold’s Gym: Cardio Workout for the Wii; Ubisoft is publishing the title, which hits stores on March 31. The game utilizes the Wii Balance Board accessory — clearly a push to capitalize on the success of Nintendo’s Wii Fit, which was one of the top five best-sellers last year.

Linden Labs launches Eureka blog: The new blog aims to give Second Life newbies (and long-time users) a better read on where events like live concerts, fashion shows and RPG tournaments are happening in-world; writer Blue Linden will also include links to other blogs and resources that cover various in-world events (via Eureka). The idea is to keep members involved and active, since the lack of user interaction and “things to do” have been some of the main criticisms of Second Life as of late.