AT&T Relaunches Parental Controls

imageAT&T (NYSE: T) has relaunched Smart Limits for Wireless, a set of parental control features that lets people determine how much data their children can use, and when. The caps can be set at a monetary limit or a megabyte limit, and changed at any time — with AT&T promoting this as a way to punish or reward children with access. In addition to the caps the service lets parents establish the times of day the phone can be used for mobile Web browsing, messaging and outbound calls, filter internet access, define the number of text and instant messages allowed, block or allow calls and text messages to or from certain numbers and limit downloadable purchases to a fixed dollar amount. This all costs $4.99 a month.

Smart Limits was first launched in September 2007, but “temporarily suspended” the service less than a month later due to issues with 911 connectivity. Release.


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