Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with Caller ID

lcdbluetoothbracelet-small1Are there times when your precious phone just isn’t on your person? I nearly always have mine in a pocket, but I’ve been exercising lately and most of my workout clothes don’t have pockets. As I’m bulking and hulking up on different equipment, I’m wandering farther away from “the precious.” Call me crazy, but this Bluetooth bracelet from Brando (who else?) is catching my eye.

It runs about $50 and connects through Bluetooth to any phone supporting the hands-free profile. You can’t speak or listen to a call with it, but when your phone gets a call, the bracelet vibrates and displays the caller ID on the LCD. At that point, you can reject the call right from the bracelet or pick the call, as Brando puts it. I’m not sure I’d use the pick function, unless it put my call on speakerphone automatically too. Handy for those times when the phone isn’t handy or is buried in a bag somewhere. Dare I say that it’s almost stylish too?

(via TRFJ)


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