Tumblr On the iPhone: 3 Apps Reviewed


I have tried just about every blogging platform out there and the one I finally stuck with was Tumblr. I like many of the more advanced functions in WordPress, but Tumblr is where it’s at for me. I’ve notice over the past couple of months I have started mobile blogging a lot more, and what better way to do this than with the Swiss Army Knife of a gadget that is the iPhone.

I picked three Tumblr-specific iPhone applications to try, and my final verdict is that you get what you pay for. I sent each of these Tumblr apps through a grueling 3-4 day test consisting of posting photos, text, links, conversations, and audio. Enjoy.

TheTumbler (Free)

thetembler-iconThis app deserves to be free. The more and more I used it, the less and less impressed I became. There were frequent crashes, which caused me to lose posts once in a while. Not to mention I was never actually successful in getting it to post a simple text post, however I did successfully post in every other way, shape, and form. Overall TheTumbler is a decent enough app for a freebie. Currently I don’t believe this app has much to offer. But we should keep an eye out as I believe we will see good things from this app in the future with the promise of added functions such as groups, private posts, and tags…and hopefully more stability.

Tumble (Free/$1.99)

tumbleThis app started to fall short for me when I discovered that you can’t post to multiple Tumble Blogs (or groups) from the application. Other than that, this app works well enough, but I’m not sure if it works well enough to warrant a price tag. In my opinion offering this app at the same price tag as Tumblrette (below) is their mistake. Offering this app at a lower price such as 99 cents would be a bit more beneficial. Tumble offers the standard features you would expect for a Tumblr application such as a viewable Dashboard, multiple account management, and location awareness; all of which are only in the pro version. The more basic features are available in a free version.

Tumblrette ($1.99)

tumblrette iconI saved the best for last on this one. Tumblrette was by far my favorite app out of this lot, and like I said at the beginning…you get what you pay for. All of these apps basically have the same home-screen; they all have different post types listed and you tap one to start posting. Simple enough right? Tumblrette takes this a step further by giving you access to your Tumblr dashboard, allowing reblogging, and favoriting posts made by others. I don’t do this often, but I have in the past and I found it to be a nice addition. This app also makes a great feature of the Advanced Post Options, allowing you to change privacy or date settings in a few simple taps. I manage 3 different blogs that are all interconnected through Tumblr, and it is typically a pain to manage them on the iPhone, but Tumblrette conquers this challenge with ease. One feature that stood above the rest was an exclusive feature only found in this app was the ability to record audio and post it to a Tumble-blog.

Overall, my pick of these three was Tumblrette, and at $1.99 it is a solid steal. But go try each of these and decide for yourself.