HTC Touch Pro2 is Coming To America


htc-touchpro2While there were plenty of hot handsets introduced at Mobile World Congress, the HTC Touch Pro2 has to be a “Best of Show” contender. HTC routinely pushes positive improvements into Windows Mobile devices and it shows in the Touch Pro2: a tilting 800×480 touch display, 3.2MP auto-focus camera, Straight Talk™ speakerphone technology, QWERTY keyboard, and HTC’s Touch Flo interface.

Many HTC devices start out in non-U.S. regions and some never make it here. Those that do often appear unofficially and without support for our 3G frequencies. Thanks to the power of Twitter, Brighthand found out that the Touch Pro2 will indeed be offered in a U.S.-friendly version, although there’s no timing on that. Brighthand speculates on a fall 2009 debut here, assuming a second-quarter launch in Europe and/or Asia. The Touch Pro2 will initially come with Windows Mobile 6.1, but is one of the very few handsets that will accept an upgrade to WinMo 6.5.


tye taylor

if u ask me I think sprint will have the phone first because the already have the first one they something to replace it with and att already has so many new phones they don’t need this on this one belongs to sprint


Considering that its essentially the same hardware as the Touch Pro, I can’t see it being that much more then $450. I’m hopefull that Alltel will have this by Q4 of the year, since I’ll have to pay full retail for it anyway. As far as battery life, my Touch Pro chews it up…so heres to hoping that a 150mAh boost will be any sort of help.


Looks like a very nice piece of hardware. I agree with the comments about battery life … as much as I love my Touch Pro, it’s a battery hog. But the phone does so much so well, I can forgive. You can go ahead and count on the Touch Pro 2 coming out around the $329.99-$379.99 range (with the discounts, contract, etc.). Sprint is doing a lot of marketing with the TP right now, so figure them to carry the TP and TP2 simultaneously for at least a few months. TP2 arrival should prompt a price drop on the TP.


A black keybord would have been nice, I’m not too keen on the silver.


I’m really wondering what T-Mobile has up it’s sleeve to replace the HTC Wing. With both the iPhone and G1 getting the GSM carriers, it would seem time for a cutting-edge WinMo device to enter the GSM landscape again.

Price-wise, it may not be cheap though. The only reason Sprint sells the Touch Pro for $299 is due to the carrier subsidies. But even at $399 this new model would be a fair deal compared to the ripoff prices those guys at expansys charge for HTC’s phones.


6.1 vs 6.5 is pretty pointless on this device. The TouchFlo interface handles the touch-friendliness part and the small updates that 6.5 adds to the remainder of the device are pretty darn optional.

Great spec on it though. Having an 800×480 screen makes a huge difference. The jump in usability for browsing, for instance, is huge.


I am sure this will replace the Sprint Touch Pro but agree that it is probably going to be 2nd half of the year. The existing TP was out in October (I believe), so I bet it will be Q4 before Sprint gets to it – they have the “savior” phone – the Pre – on their plates right now. Maybe VZW will trump Sprint on this one??

BTW – There was a full page ad on the back of section A of the WSJ today for the Touch Pro. First time I have seen that one advertised like that. That has been the iPhone’s page quite a bit over the past month or two.


I’m sure Sprint will be looking to have this replace their current Touch Pro model. As long as the battery life is improved and they don’t butcher the original HTC hardware design with a flimsy display, I’ll upgrade just for the massive screen real-estate (which is the only other improvement I wanted over the Mogul besides more RAM).

Kevin C. Tofel

Without a hands-on, it’s hard to say anything about the battery life. But, it’s promising that the Touch Pro2 comes with a 1500mAh battery. I think the Touch pro was 1340mAh. Could be a wash with the higher res screen, but we’ll see.


I wonder what the price will be. I’m looking at phones with a keyboard and nice set of features like the Palm Pre. This mother of all phones is running an OS that can run office which is a huge plus but I’m afraid it’s not going to cost in the range of $200-300.

Kevin C. Tofel

Sprint offers the Touch Pro for $299 with all included discounts, new contract, etc… Ideally, the Pro2 could see the same price, but I think that’s a best case scenario.

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