Green:Net to Welcome California State Officials


We’ve all heard how California has aggressively cut energy consumption through energy efficiency programs — the state has saved a good $56 billion in electricity costs over the last 30 years. And in the next decade the state is aiming to cut carbon emissions down to 1990 levels. What has helped and will help those energy reduction plans? Software and digital tools that can smarten up energy use in buildings and across a smart grid.

California’s Department of General Services agrees with that sentiment to such an extent that two of its officers — Will Semmes, Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of General Services, and Adian Farley, Chief Deputy Director for Policy and Program Management — will be speaking at our Green:Net conference in San Francisco in March. Om and I will be interviewing the duo about how the state is using infotech to reduce energy consumption and how entrepreneurs and innovators can work more closely with the state.

If you have digital technology that you think California just can’t do without, be sure to meet up with the duo at Green:net.  Get your tickets soon — the Super Saver Discount ends this Friday. You can register here.

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