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U.S. to Set Single MPG Standard for Cars, Trucks? Carol Browner, assistant to the president for energy and climate, says she and others in the White House back the idea of a universal fuel-efficiency standard aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. — Washington Post

Growing the Google.org Team: Larry Brilliant says Google’s (s GOOG) philanthropic arm, Google.org, is getting more engineers and technical staff, a stronger focus on IT-based projects like RechargeIT, Clean Energy 2030, and PowerMeter — plus a new manager. — Official Google.org Blog

Bush Enviro Adviser Jumps Into Energy: James Connaughton, former chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, joined Constellation Energy Group (s CEG) today as executive V-P of corporate affairs, public and environmental policy. He’ll guide development of the company’s renewable energy and nuclear portfolios. — Press Release

Midwest Governors Push for Ethanol, Wind: Governors from four Midwestern states pressed the EPA yesterday to increase the percentage of ethanol allowed in gasoline blends beyond the 10 percent that automakers say can corrode fuel lines, and to issue mandates and tax credits for wind energy. — BusinessWeek

Green Desert Metropolis: Oil-rich Abu Dhabi is trying to build a zero-emission, car-free and zero-waste city. Should the rest of the world care? — MIT Technology Review



Don’t believe that crap about cars only being able to handle 10% ethanol. There are a number of people out west running E-85 in unmodified cars from the 80’s and early 90’s with no problem at all for over 150,000 miles so far. Brazil has been running 30 to 50% ethanol in gas for over 25 years and a lot are now running straight ethanol. Guess who makes all those cars.

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