Interest In Slumdog Content Peaks Post Oscars; Caller Tune Subscriptions Jump

Slumdog Millionaire‘s superb showing at the Academy Awards yesterday image and the fever-pitch hype preceding it meant that interest over the film and its content peaked among mobile and Internet users. Following are the findings of digital content consumption relating to Slumdog Millionaire as measured by the film’s digital media rights owners Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

-The search volume for Slumdog Millionaire content has doubled in India and tripled worldwide over the last 48 hours.

-More that half a million mobile subscribers in India have set Jai Ho as their caller ring back tone.

-There are approximately quarter of a million searches per day for film content in India; the maximum searches over this weekend were related to Slumdog Millionaire.

-More that 80% of the Slumdog Millionaire content searched is for Jai Ho.

Note that the search volumes include mobile and online searches.

“The rise in interest on Slumdog is unprecedented. This will also mean higher interest worldwide in everything Rahman,” said Saleem Mobhani, COO, Hungama.

On iTunes, Slumdog Millionaire is the top album and Jai Ho is the 7th most downloaded track. On radio, the focus on Jai Ho and A.R. Rahman peaked yesterday. “We played Jai Ho many times yesterday, as also the other tracks from Slumdog Millionaire. Yesterday was the celebration for the award and today also the number of repeats have stayed higher,” said Indira Rangarajan, who heads programming at Radio Mirchi in Mumbai.

Photo credit: McClatchy-Tribune Business News


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