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Some Comeuppance For The iPhone: The Curve Is Most 'Popular' Handset In U.S.

imageRIM (NSDQ: RIMM) not only had the most popular handset in the U.S. in December (the BlackBerry Curve), according to a survey by AvianResearch reported by RCR Wireless — it also had three of the 10 most popular handsets. The research company’s Monthly Retail Store Survey is based on responses from 100 service representatives and store managers at retail stores of the four major U.S. wireless carriers. A previous RCR article said that the survey is to “gauge consumer interest in handsets available at the four major carriers in the United States” — so it seems this survey is not about which phones sell the most but which phones people are most interested in. The iPhone had the second slot.

In addition to the three handsets from RIM, three were from LG (SEO: 066570) and three from Samsung. This list tracks smartphone sales pretty closely — RIM leads the smartphone market in the US, followed by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). Although, on a handset-by-handset basis the iPhone outsold the BlackBerry Curve in the 3rd quarter last year. Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has a lot of work to do to capture attention in the US…