Verizon FiOS TV Betas Remote DVR Schedule Software

verizon-mobileI really didn’t need another reason to want the dark fiber in my front yard to be lit, but I have one anyway. Zatz Not Funny was tipped off that Verizon has a non-announced but working beta app that supports their FiOS TV offering. Using a mobile phone pointed to, ZNF’s tipster was able to browse the television schedule, flag Video On Demand programming for later viewing and schedule content recordings. I hit up the mobile portal for the screenshot; you can see Verizon has plans to integrate mobile access to their various voice products as well.

I’ll definitely add FiOS Internet service to my home as soon as I can but I hadn’t planned on switching my television service to Verizon until now. It’s more of a possibility due to this mobile application. I’ve been thrilled with my DISH Network satellite service for years, but my current hardware doesn’t support remote scheduling. So the race is on: Will Verizon light my FiOS service before DISH adds new remote capabilities?


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