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verizon-mobileI really didn’t need another reason to want the dark fiber in my front yard to be lit, but I have one anyway. Zatz Not Funny was tipped off that Verizon (s VZ) has a non-announced but working beta app that supports their FiOS TV offering. Using a mobile phone pointed to, ZNF’s tipster was able to browse the television schedule, flag Video On Demand programming for later viewing and schedule content recordings. I hit up the mobile portal for the screenshot; you can see Verizon has plans to integrate mobile access to their various voice products as well.

I’ll definitely add FiOS Internet service to my home as soon as I can but I hadn’t planned on switching my television service to Verizon until now. It’s more of a possibility due to this mobile application. I’ve been thrilled with my DISH Network (s DISH) satellite service for years, but my current hardware doesn’t support remote scheduling. So the race is on: Will Verizon light my FiOS service before DISH adds new remote capabilities?


Bob Murdoch

If you have a Dish Network VIP622 or VIP722 receiver you CAN have remote scheduling with Dish Network, as long as you have an ethernet cable plugged into your receiver as they also have a beta project for this now to tie into their Slingbox integration that is coming in the Spring with their new 922 receiver. Meanwhile, those with the 622/722 receivers can have the service now.

Remote scheduling, detailed guide info of upcoming shows, as well as detailed info on your recordings are all available over the web…

You can sign up for the Beta at You’ll get an email back that will have you enter in your receiver ID info and then you are set…..

I’ve got an external slingbox hooked up to mine, so I actually was able to do this from my office, but if you don’t, you may have to do it from your house to set things up as you need a code that pops up on the screen on your receiver to complete the registration into the beta…. It sounds like just about everyone who wanted in has gotten in according to

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Bob. I do have the VIP622; got it as soon as it became available. Maybe I’ll take a wireless adapter I have and connect it via Ethernet to the receiver to see what options I have today. My Slingbox is hooked up to another TV used for OTA HD only, so I don’t use it to remotely access my Dish setup.

Netbook Insider Forum

DirecTV has offered this feature for a while now. I was pretty excited when they announced it a few months ago, and initially used it quite often. But eventually my remote program recording died down as I found I was recording more than I would ever watch! Having had this service available, and used it, I don’t think I would change providers simply because of this feature.

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