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USB charger handles all your phones at once

We joke often about MobileTechRoundup host Matt Miller’s staggering phone collection.  Matt has more phones than probably anyone you’ll ever see and as he travels a lot it’s always a fun process to try and guess how many phones he’ll take with him.


A new USB charger from USBfever may be just what Matt needs with its 5 ports that can let him charge 5 phones at the same time from a single plug.  The charger has 4 standard USB ports and one mini-USB and will charge any device that charges via USB.  $26.

(via engadget)

5 Responses to “USB charger handles all your phones at once”

  1. Scotty: I never gave the amp rating on a USB power adapter much thought before, but you’re right; that half amp makes a big difference. I didn’t realize my iPhone USB adapter was not just more portable than the bigger alternatives, but also delivering more power in many cases. Thanks for the food for thought.

  2. James, you have to keep in mind the iPhone only rapid charges if you have 1amp available from the USB port. The specs for this device says it has 3amps of juice available. But my guess would be that would provide .5amp to each of the four standard ports and 1 amp out the mini USB cord… which would mean no rapid charge for your iPhone.