Track Your Daily Goals With Twitter

Track Daily Goals - LogoRecently I started to notice that a lot of folks were using the #dailygoals hashtag in their Twitter updates, among them former WWD blogger Mike Gunderloy. Then Mike tweeted about an update he’d made to TrackDailyGoals, and I discovered that he was one of the developers of the app behind this hashtag frenzy. TrackDailyGoals is a site that hooks into Twitter to allow users to track their daily goals. The theory behind the service is rooted in accountability, that “publicly” committing to complete your tasks will be incentive enough to complete them in time.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of hashtags on Twitter, people use them to mark their updates so that they can be easily found or aggregated later by others. You’ll find them used during events so that interested parties can easily find related content. For example, during the Academy Awards last night, people were adding the hashtag “#oscars” to their tweets.

TrackDailyGoals takes advantage of this hashtag functionality to provide a simple but effective method of tracking your goals for a particular day. There is no need to register; the site automatically pulls your tasks and updates directly from Twitter when you use the #dailygoals hashtag.

You start on the web, or in your Twitter client, by declaring your task commitments for the day.

Track Daily Goals - Declaration

While not necessary, you can provide updates throughout the day. At the end of the day, you send in your final tally.

Track Daily Goals - Day's End

But more than a just a daily tally, the TrackDailyGoals web site also documents and displays your results. You can even view a calendar view where you can see your progress in a more visual fashion. This kind of indicator can be a tremendous motivator and is a great way to track your continued achievements.

Track Daily Goals - Streak

If comparison or competition is also a motivator, you can also see the results of other users. There are some nice visual clues to highlight and reward those who complete their goals successfully.

TrackDailyGoals is free to use and gaining new features and tweaks pretty regularly. For example, a recent update lets you schedule out goals a couple of days in advance.

TrackDailyGoals is just the latest example of how people are using Twitter for more than just chit-chat, and how its inherent functionality is being used to build even more interesting applications around it.

How do you track your daily goals?

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