MSI showing off two super-slim notebooks- X340, X600

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msi_090223_01We first ran across a super-thin notebook from MSI at the CES earlier this year.  MSI showed us the X320 but wouldn’t let us play with it or turn it on.  The thin form factor captured our imagination and left us hoping we’d see this little jewel come to fruition.

MSI is teasing us all again, showing off two other thin notebooks in China.  The X340 looks a lot like the X320 we saw at CES and the X600 looks similar except with a larger screen.  Not much is known about what MSI is packing in these beauties or if we’ll ever see them in the real world, but the photos look awfully nice.  The 13-inch X340 is reported to go for less than $1,000 while the price on the 15.6-inch X600 is not known.

(Engadget Chinese via Gizmodo)

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