Mochi Media Games Played By 100M Monthly Uniques

mochimediaToday, casual game advertising network Mochi Media is reporting some pretty impressive user numbers: nearly 100 million monthly uniques across the network. 96 million to be exact, up from 48 million monthlies in early 2008. A lot of that growth seems to have been in recent months; when I spoke with “Chief Mochi” Jameson Hsu late last year, he reported 75 million uniques for October 2008. In a short phone interview last Friday, CEO George Garrick told me each unique user plays games on the Mochi network an average of 5-6 times a month, with each play lasting 5-10 minutes. But when will these gargantuan user numbers translate into profit, especially in this down market for advertising? Garrick said the company brought in $2-3 million in revenue last year, but that its main focus now is building the user base. However, he also added that Mochi plans to incorporate microtransactions, virtual currency, and other revenue streams besides ad dollars.