Introducing: TheAppleBlog App Review


The App Review Summary Card

The App Review Summary Card

I’m exceedingly happy to tell you all about a brand-new series of articles we’re launching here at TheAppleBlog, entitled: The App Review.

Every other weekday, I’ll be sticking my big hands deep into the gaping jaws of the App Store and pulling out a fresh app for a top-down examination.

In each review, I’ll take the app for a serious spin and tell you if it’s worth your time or your money. I’ll even include a handy summary card that explains the essentials at a glance.

The App Review is part of an overall expansion to our coverage of the latest iPhone and touch apps. It’s a fast-growing area and we know many of our readers are eager to find out about the latest additions to the App Store.

I’ll be giving each app either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Apple rating. The Bronze Apples will be for run-of-the-mill apps, the kind that don’t stand out but manage to do the job and hold it together.

Silver Apples will be for the apps that go above and beyond what is expected, to do something special — it could be a time-saving tool, an entertaining time-waster or cost nothing when it’s really worth a few bucks.

Finally, the Golden Apple rating will be a rarity, reserved for those apps I feel are utterly essential, be they games or additions to your digital tool belt.

And if an app is particularly awful, I’ve also got a Rotten Apple rating. If an app gets awarded one of these nasty things, you should avoid it, tell your friends to avoid it and urge your mother to cross the road if she sees it coming.

The series will launch soon, but in the meantime, drop by the comments with any thoughts/requests/suggestions.



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Olly Farshi

@Jerry – Cheers for the info, I’ll give the app a look. And feel free to send promo codes via this link:

@bc – The App Review will be apps picked by me. It’ll be the hidden gems, it’ll be fresh releases, it’ll be stuff worth mentioning, for one reason or another.

@Colin – Glad you dig the idea, I think we’ll have a tag like “app review” so look out for that once we kick off.


I LOVE the idea. Are you going to have a special tag/file for posts made with this feature? (like The App Review…or something creative like that?) I’d like to be able to bookmark the permalink. I’m sure I’d be sending friends the articles.


I hope this isn’t a tired rehashing of the top 100 or a series of developer hit the lottery apps. Why not dig a bit for some hidden jewels instead? Everything else is hardly news.

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