Fring Scores With the Samsung Omnia HD


fring-samsungSamsung recently outed a follow-up to their Omnia handset with the Omnia HD, a SymbianS60 device that can record 720p video. The phone is jam-packed with lusty features like a 640×360 AMOLED touch display, HSDPA/HSUPA 3G, 8MP camera, and more. One of the “and more” features is a deal with Fring that will see their IM and VoIP calling software pre-installed on the device.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Fring is what I  call a “communications aggregator” application. With one interface, all of your contacts from various sources are available to you: Google Talk, Skype, AIM, MSN, ICQ and more. I use Fring on my iPhone for the Skype and Google Talk bits since I use both for work.

The challenge for Fring and others in this space is getting their name and product out in front of the masses. One of the easiest solutions? Work pre-install deals like this one with Samsung. Even if you’re not planning to get an Omnia HD, I recommend looking at Fring to help manage contacts across multiple IM and VoIP networks. It probably works better on your phone than mine, since I can’t run applications in the background. That sorta kills the whole online presence bit of these apps, no? Ugh… Anyway: I’m wondering how awesome it would be if that front-facing camera could be used for a video Skype call over Fring. That would be sweet!

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