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A recently released application for the iPhone exploits an interesting new market — tracking conversations and following up calls. FollowUp aims to provide a location for noting down the action you need to take after receiving or making a call, along with a due date.


As you’d expect, FollowUp integrates well with the Contacts application for noting down who you’ve called. The process involves opening FollowUp and noting down that you’ve had a conversation. You can enter the details of the person, date, call subject, associated notes and also set a follow-up date for when you should call them back.

conversationsIf you’re lagging behind, the app will flag up those conversations which are most urgent and warn you if the follow-up date has expired. You can also set your own priorities if preferred.

After returning the call, you mark the conversation as completed and the previously stored details are retained for future reference. You may also choose to follow-up immediately, storing the old conversation while simultaneously creating a new one.


If you are someone who deals with regular phone calls and ongoing conversations, the application could be quite useful. However, I’m slightly skeptical about its functionality and price for a couple of reasons:

  • If dealing with a large number of clients and phone calls, inputting notes and conversations into your iPhone would be far more time consuming that using some form of desktop solution. It’s great when traveling, but probably not the ideal solution when in the office.
  • Most people would find the notes app to be perfectly suited to their needs. While lacking Contacts integration, it’s a quick (and free) way to jot down the required response to a call. Alternatively, sending an email to yourself or using some form of To-Do list manager would also work well.

If it’s an app which you’d find useful, FollowUp is available now from the iPhone App Store for an introductory price of $6.99. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on how you remind yourself of the need to call someone back — do you rely on a razor sharp memory or, like me, do you have some form of to-do list app?

1 Comment

Peter Venero

What’s the point of posting the app if you’re just going to communicate that the app is pretty much useless since we have Notepad?

Anyhow, the concept is pretty good, but it does look like it can use some work. I would love to see similar functionality but for email instead. I’m constantly firing emails off everyday again and again. Would be handy if I had an easier way to remember which ones to follow-up on…


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