Daily Sprout

No More Mashed Potatoes: Top Gear America’s car fanatics are fed up with gas sippers that look like “lumps of cold mashed potatoes.” So they’re trying to build a 70 mpg car that does zero-to-60 in seven seconds. If that makes you think of Tesla and Fisker, think again: This one is supposed to cost just $7,000. — Wired’s Autopia

Hydrogen on the Cheap: Add a few microbes to food scraps and waste water, and presto: clean hydrogen fuel. Scientists say they can slash hydrogen costs by more than 80 percent with a steel brush in place of expensive platinum. — Technology Review

Unforgiving Math: “This is not a matter of politics or morality or right or wrong. It is simply the unforgiving math of accumulated emissions,” said White House envoy David Stern, who was in Beijing this weekend with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for talks about economic and environmental cooperation with China. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Wind in Bonneville’s Sails: What will the 72-year-old Bonneville Power Authority do with the $3.25 billion in extra borrowing authority it got in the economic stimulus package? In the near term, build transmission lines for wind energy. — NYT’s Green Inc.

More Grid Action: Chinese power distributor State Grid Corp. plans to invest about $36.5 billion this year to upgrade its electric grid with ultra-high voltage transmission lines. — Cleantech Group