Concept Infinite Phone Eliminates Obsolescence

infinite_phone_6The thought of a smartphone that never has to be replaced is certainly an attractive one.  We’re all guilty of tossing out a phone after a few years, even though it’s still working fine, because the technology has evolved and left our clunker in the dust.  It sure would be nice to have a phone that’s designed from the ground up to be updated in every area so it would always be the “latest and greatest.”

The Infinite concept phone takes that premise and fleshes it out to demonstrate what such a phone would be like.  It also shows in great detail how such a thing could be accomplished, making a phone with every component capable of being upgraded.  They’ve created a sexy-looking phone on top of that upgrade goodness, which is pretty nice.  I have to admit the interface looks a lot like something from HTC.

The designers use components like OLED screens and replaceable circuit boards to create the Infinite (or perpetual) phone.  You can peruse their conceptual drawings and get a good feeling about this concept.  The magnetic dock is a nice touch.

(via Yanko Design)