ASUS T91: The Netbook-like Tablet PC Gets Reviewed

Touchable T91

Touchable T91

That ASUS Eee PC T91 prototype I prodded at CES gets a closer inspection today. Bit-Tech gives it a run-through and finds plenty to like about this low-cost hybrid between a convertible Tablet and traditional netbook. Like the Eee PC 900-series, the T91 uses an 8.9-inch display running a 1024×600 resolution; The screen is a resistive touch-screen, similar to the original UMPCs.

Bit-Tech didn’t care for the non-removable battery, even if ASUS expects five hours of battery life with the Z520 Silverthorne Atom platform from Intel. I’m in agreement with them there and also with the commantary on the T91’s keyboard. For the prototype, ASUS is using their older keyboard style and layout.That should change prior to release as ASUS is planning to use the chiclet-style keyboard found on their new 1000HE model.

ASUS uses a 32GB SSD drive for the T91 and if that’s not enough, you’ve got a great option. The T91 will offer a special “Disk Expander” memory card slot. You simply pop in a supported card to expand memory beyond the permanent storage; Although Bit-Tech doesn’t offer details, I suspect this feature is similar to the original Acer Aspire One’s offering.

Perhaps the best news out of all this is the expected price. According to Bit-Tech, the T91 will sit between the 1000HE and the S101. If true, I’m figuring to see this pint-sized Tablet PC come in around $500. While you can’t exactly compare spec-to-spec, this is amazing when you think about a close cousin: The Fujitsu P16x0-series of Tablet PCs are the same size, but cost three to four times more.


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