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How Glam Made Money Off Twitter During The Oscars

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imageABC didn’t live-stream the Oscars, and the network is trying to keep video clips from last night’s show off YouTube, in favor of its own (per MediaMemo). But Glam Media figured out a way to make money from the buzz.

Hosting a Twitter widget is a no-brainer these days, particularly for a mega event like the Oscars. Glam, though, offered marketers the chance to sponsor a filtered or edited version of the message stream during the awards ceremony.

As VentureBeat notes, the ad network’s editors chose which tweets showed up in the stream and purged those that were inappropriate or off-topic, making it safer for brand advertisers. Aveeno sponsored last night’s Twitter widget; Glam says it plans to expand the service, dubbed gWire, to include FriendFeed and Facebook streams for future events.

5 Responses to “How Glam Made Money Off Twitter During The Oscars”

  1. Yep. Mid-tail media networks is where the users are, not at media companies sites and not at all at micro-branded-sites created by the entertainment industry. Very clever to create this, specially putting their widget in the mid-tail network, not creating yet another attempt at a destination media company by Glam. Smart.

  2. Eric Estrada

    They made money yes, but was the money spent wisely or was it a buzz around the media space that actually drove minimal eyeballs or traffic for the sponsoring advertiser. Either way, their Product team is very smart – Genius some would say. This is a perfect example of why technology is so important for media networks and finally gets away from the Microsites that cost a lot but have no interaction or traffic. Use existing technologies and leverage the open world; don't build new ones.
    Media Companies 0 — Mid-tail Media Networks 1.

  3. digital bear

    ABC demonstrated a complete lack of digital "know-how." The site was very web 1.0 and it is not designed to view videos in an intuitive or easy way. An entirely disappointing web experience.