Buzzwire Launches Digg-Like Mobile Site; The Answer To Discovery?

Buzzwire has launched an “editorially directed, community-driven” mobile site, which means that users can recommend content to share through the site and there are also four editors which trawl for things to post. Buzzwire has convinced publishers such as TV Guide to incorporate the “Buzzie” button on their mobile sites which will let Buzzwire users post and share the content they like to the Buzzwire site — hopefully resulting in traffic increases for the content partners. The site — — is currently in beta, and plans to generate revenue through advertising. Deutsch Inc has bought the first 90 days of advertising for its clients, which include DIRECTV, Kodak, Under Armour and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. It’s a good idea for a set-up, considering that discovery is considered one of the big problems for mobile content — the big question will be how many people Buzzwire can get to use the site, since without a critical mass it won’t work. (via NYT) Release.

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