A Preview Of Acer's Smartphones


imageAcer spent MWC showing off its first foray into the smartphone market — there were 8 Windows Mobile devices on display. ZDNet UK has a video interview with Aymar de Lencquesaing, senior corporate VP Acer, which covers the basics. As to why Acer is heading for the smartphone market: “Mobile is in our DNA. We’re already leaders in notebooks and now we’re leaders in netbooks, it’s only natural that we felt that we wanted to offer the markets and the customers, particularly the operators, a full suite of devices, of mobile data devices,” according to de Lencquesaing.

The smartphones will be mostly consumer focused, and the current 8 handsets are Windows devices — de Lencquisaing said that Acer planned to launch more than 8 handsets this year, but side-stepped the question as to whether they’ll by all Windows devcies. The handsets are standard high-end phones, with a couple of standout features: One is dual-SIM and dual-standby, so you can have two SIM cards in the phone, be talking on one and get a call on another; another handset is based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon technology. Other handsets plan to compete on price, with de Lencquesaing describing them as “smartphones at the price of today’s feature phones”, going for 0-49 euros (US$0-63) after carrier subsidies.

Acer considers the smartphone market to be still in its early stages and open, and has a goal to be in the top five smartphone vendors in five years. It plans to use the relationships it has based on its other data devices to push smartphones into the market.

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