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Interview: The Hindu's N. Ram On Media Regulation, Slowdown And New Media

N. Ram, the editor-in-chief of the 131-year old The Hindu, is a tech-savvy editor and public intellectual. He is on Facebook and loves his gadgets. He surfs the Internet on the go from the two high-end mobile phones he carry. He excitedly showed me the high-definition handheld Flip Video camcorder that he had just got himself. He straddles the digital divide with ease, but says he hasn’t found a viable business model in online news anywhere. He is “not worried at all” about the Internet taking away his readers, but when the Internet penetration in India reaches around 200 million users (now it’s close to 30 million), the “game might change”, he says. In an interview with ContentSutra, he spoke about How The Hindu is coping with the slowdown, how The Times of India‘s entry into Chennai has affected his daily, and his new media strategy. Excerpts:

We know the print industry has had a bad year owing to high newsprint prices and now an ad slowdown. Recently a delegation representing the print media industry met with the I&B minister, who responded with sops