Updated: Yahoo: Major Reorg Coming This Week? Also, Media Changes And APT Rollout Slowed Down

Given Kara Swisher’s direct connect to Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), if she’s reporting a major reorg is on the way, it’s worth watching. Then again, given the frequency of reorganizations for the company, you could open a calendar, throw a dart and odds are you’d pick one, too. Maybe the more traditional approach Kara says is on the way from new CEO Carol Bartz, perhaps as soon as this Wednesday, is the one that will stick.

Details are scant but most of her sources are expecting a roll back of the previous reorganizations from former CEO Jerry Yang and former President Sue Decker and a structure more like the one she had at Autodesk: “Thus, most expect Bartz to do a C-level style set-up, with execs like a COO, CTO and also a new, more powerful CMO (who will also head PR), all reporting to her. In addition, several suggested she might also junk a recent reorg that split the world into four regions. Instead, one exec could head the U.S., where most of Yahoo