Variety Integrates Facebook for the Oscars

Well, there will be no live-streaming video of the Oscars this year, but if you’ve got your laptop out while you’re watching the awards show on TV Sunday night, you’ll be able to find kindred souls to chat about who wore what, who was robbed, and who got caught picking their teeth on camera.


Variety has implemented the same sort of Facebook Connect service used for the Obama Inauguration last month, where people visiting while logged into Facebook can see a live-updated stream of their friends’ status updates as well as a sample of those from everyone on

We hear other entertainment-oriented sites will also be implementing the Facebook service prior to the big show on Sunday, but Variety appears to be the first.

We liked the Inauguration integration because it freshened up tired web chat rooms with topical relevance as well as the presence of people whose opinions we actually care about. Since then similar functionality has been used for the NBA All-Star Game and by Israeli TV channel Nana10 for its coverage of the Israeli elections. Frankly, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if relevant, contextual chat were available for any event people care about.