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Senate to Tackle Climate Change by Summer: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is pushing for a climate bill by the end of the summer. “We have to take a whack at it,” he said in an interview. — Associated Press

How ’bout a Hummer Tax?: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has floated the idea of higher registration fees for SUVs, prompting backlash from Beantowners worried about a possible burden for commercial truck drivers. — Wired’s Autopia

Algae’s Bloom, Bust, Boom Cycle: A new system called Supersucker lets scientists harvest invasive, abundant algae from coral reefs for use as fertilizer. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Pentagon Battle Over Green Ammo, Protectionism Looms: The Pentagon’s efforts to get greener have begun to collide with its mandate to support U.S. businesses, which currently can’t compete with foreign makers of nontoxic, non-dud producing rounds. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

EPA’s Stopgap Solution for Regulating Carbon: Observers say the EPA is unlikely to pursue small emitters in any carbon regulation, instead focusing on big sources like power plants and automobiles — with momentous consequences for the scores of new coal power plants that have been proposed nationwide. — Time