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CBS Responds to Hulu’s Content Moves

In response to Hulu yanking its content from the CBS Interactive-owned video portal earlier this week, CBS (s CBS)issued the following statement last night:

“CBS Interactive is well within its rights to stream Hulu video content on under its agreement with Hulu. We are evaluating our next steps at this time.”

Hulu’s distribution agreement with dates back to when was owned by CNET. CBS purchased CNET last year and relaunched last month as a video portal rival to Hulu. Adding a twist, was able to show content from CBS, FOX (s NWS)and NBC (s GE), but Hulu, which doesn’t have a content deal with CBS, offers NBC and FOX content but can only provide links back to CBS shows — not embedded videos.

As we wrote Wednesday, since its relaunch, has gotten a nice traffic bump (with some help from Hulu’s content) and is not interested in letting that go. It’s basically an old-fashioned old media fight on a new media playground, with NBC and FOX in one corner and CBS in the other.

8 Responses to “CBS Responds to Hulu’s Content Moves”

  1. Neno Brown

    Surprising; no major Boxee fan complaints about this content move, may be it is no great loss to the consumer, all you do is go direct to the sites themselves and view but with advertisements.

    Ads seem to be less of a burden know a days, especially if the contents free!

    Seems HULU’s pilot project on the inseption of the distribution agreement has paid off, time too see if the Pirate Bay trial goes HULU’s way, otherwise for me, hulu has created a closed wall.