Alert the Authorities: Cute Animals Abused for Corporate Gain?

Anyone who makes use of our video ribbon at the top of the site knows that we at NewTeeVee, like the rest of the Internet, are very susceptible to adorable animal videos — especially on Fridays.

But then there’s this this Samsung ad:

The viral promotion for the cell phone manufacturer’s new touchscreen has reached over 100,000 views in two days and definitely hits all our sweet spots (chipmunks! hedgehogs! kitties!). And I love the attention to detail involved in creating the many critter-sized sets, which include a movie theater, an evil mastermind’s lair, and a DMV for puppies.

However — maybe it’s the dubbed-in dialogue and sound effects, the rushed pace or the manipulated editing, but something about it feels off. Is Samsung trying too hard? Am I just self-conscious of how easily I can be manipulated? Should there have been more puppies? Discuss in the comments.


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