Hindustan Times Redesign: Here's A Preview


We reported last week that Hindustan Times, India’s second-largest read English daily image published by HT Media Ltd, was going through a redesign process that was being led by renowned newspaper designer Mario Garcia. Now, thanks to a kind source, we are able to bring you a preview straight from HT’s design rooms. Click on the image to enlarge.

This is what the new HT looks like at this stage. The relaunch is probably at least a month from now. So there is plenty of time to review and tweak the design and what finally hits the newsstands may be different in the details. But the broad changes will probably remain. HT Business has got a colour scheme resembling Mint, the business paper from HT Media that was earlier designed by Garcia. In the main paper, what is now a single column panel on the left with pointers to stories inside, has moved to the right and has spread to two columns in the new design. The masthead gets a dash of blue. The overall effect is a more youthful and vibrant paper.



This is a refreshing change considering the competition it has to face from other newspapers as well as internet. this new design is sure to keep readers glued to this prestigious newspaper. wish them all the luck.


I have been reading Hindustan times for years now. I personally do like the new design . Just love the colors. I think the change of design was to keep up with the time .

Guest o Nomic

cool new design. i liked the lower-cased masthead. now one only hopes that no rabid Hindutva activist insists the 'h' in Hindustan should be in caps. remember, HT is also distributed in Mumbai where Monsieur Raj and Udhav Thackeray are trying to outdo each other. given that HT has the image of being pro-Congress, the warring cousins could well attempt to earn brownie points over this. it will be sad if they do, but don't be surprised if they do


It is indeed interesting that HT is coming up with this new design…lets see how its competitors react to this! But it is indeed a good strategy to attract new readers especially the youth…

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