Windows 7 on the Q1UP is Relatively Painless So Far


windows-7-samsung-umpcI’m still futzing with Windows 7 on my Samsung Q1UP, but wanted to give an update. The install was no different than on any other device I’ve put Windows 7 on. Right out of the gate, most everything is working, either through the installation or the first run of Windows Update:

  • Sound works fine. I can also adjust the sound through the two Volume buttons on the device. I don’t have the Samsung-specific software installed, so I don’t see the on-screen indicator of volume adjustment. However, the Speaker icon in the System Tray does show the volume change.
  • WiFi is working perfectly fine with the Atheros card. Ethernet also works.
  • The split keyboard, trackstick, and all other navigation buttons the face of the unit work properly. Even the Mouse/Internet ring around the trackstick works, so I can alternate between navigating the cursor and scrolling the screen.
  • The display works fine in either 1024×600 or 800×600. There was an optional updated Intel driver found by Windows Update, but the display worked prior to my installing the update.
  • The touchscreen and inking do work, but there’s a minor gotcha that I need to address. The screen wasn’t calibrated well out of the box, which is fine. However, running the calibration tool in Windows only lets me use around 95% of the screen. As I approach any of the four sides of the display with my stylus, the cursor stops short by around one-quarter of an inch. I’ll be looking into a fix for that, of course. Inking seems unaffected by this issue, which makes sense because I’m not inking near the display edge.
  • Observation: Even with the 1.33GHz Intel Core Solo, Windows 7 isn’t all that fast on the 512MB of RAM I have in the unit temporarily. It’s not unusable or dog-slow, but it’s noticeably slower than on the MSI Wind with 2GB of RAM and the 1.6GHz Intel Atom.
  • Device Manager in Windows 7 sees the two integrated USB cameras on the device, but they’re not working yet. Remember, it has one in the front and one in the back. I’ll hit up the Samsung download page and try the Vista drivers.
  • The dual-array microphone works very well out the box, based on a Skype test call.
  • I have yet to test any battery life or power drain, but will get some software on there to have a look.
  • Sleep and Hibernate work flawlessly; the device resumes perfectly fine. People using other UMPCs have indicated issues in this area on their specific devices.
  • Like the webcams, the integrated fingerprint scanner appears in the Device Manager with a little yellow question mark. Again, I’ll give the Vista drivers a shot.

I’ll keep playing with the UMPC to see if I can get things working 100% and will post another update and/or answers to any other questions.

One question I’ve already seen a few times is how much I’ll be letting her go for. ;) She’s got a minor, but noticeable, scratch on the directional pad and I think I’ve taken her apart one time too many. There’s a small ripple effect in one area of the screen the size of dime: When I touch the screen, the LCD shows a small, round wave. It’s not terribly annoying to me, but I need to mention it. Other than that, she’s in good shape. I’ll buy a 2GB RAM stick to put inside her, which goes along with the two 54 W/hr batteries and a fresh factory restore to Windows XP Tablet Edition. If you’re interested, click on my cartoon head and shoot me an offer that includes shipping via e-mail.



Been running W7 on my Q1U-EL (800mHZ) since MS released the public beta and I really like it. I have my screen calibration nailed down almost perfectly (I think the post above is referring to my solution on GBM)
Performance is good. Better than Vista at least but I never did run XP on it as it came with Vista.
Kevin, you should join in on the Q1/Win7 discussions over on


Kevin C. Tofel

Bob, you mean you’re still using snail mail to send physical items? I used to fax them, but now I just e-mail them. ;) I suppose I should have put parenthesis around the “that includes shipping” bit. :)


the calibration you can use the driver egalax it is working fine in windows 7, the webcam working with driver to vista of samung, the same for fingerprint.

I find some problems with the programs menu ui, if install this program, the touch cal , egalax no working.

I install windows 7 in my Q1up with 2Gb ram, but the value experience is low in the hardisk.

I did speak about it in the Spanish forum


I’m curious to know how well Windows 7 would work on the original model of the Q1 – because I might install it one day. Any reason to believe it will be any different from the Q1UP?


allan, windows 7 works great on my q1p. i upgraded the ram on it to 2gb. much better experience than vista.


Hi Kevin,

In more recent builds on Windows 7 the calibration problem has been fixed by moving the calibration points much closer to the corners (ie. miliemetres from the corner)


Here’s how to fix the screen issue:

Vista TSP Calibration deal under the Q1UP-V’s software section.
Click here to download it:

I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with Q1U’s as well.

Here’s the trick to get it working:

1. Extract the exe file to a folder
2. Run the install.exe
3. Once install completes run “hidcal.exe” from the same folder
4. Run the WriteRegSetup.exe from the same folder
5. Reboot

After that the cursor will automatically now be going all the way to the edges of the screen now.

If it is not, delete your calibration data in the tablet pc settings of the control panel, and run “9_tabcal.exe” and/or the “25_tabcal.exe” from the same extracted folder. Might need to reboot after this.

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