Has HTC sold 80% of all Windows Mobile phones?


We have always said that HTC is innovative and prolific and seems to always be releasing another Windows Mobile phone.  They are also pushing the envelope with their own custom interfaces for WM to keep their customers excited.   Is it possible that HTC has sold 80% of all Windows Mobile phones ever sold?

The Microsoft (s msft) press event this week covered the usual type of stuff, — sales numbers, kudos for our partners and the like.  Something about the numbers I heard thrown around by Microsoft and partners didn’t sit right but I couldn’t put my fingers on just why.  The mocoNews folks noticed the same thing and were able to figure out what was just out of my grasp.

At the event, Microsoft’s Andy Lees stated that the Redmond giant had sold more than 50 million Windows Mobile handsets over its lifetime.  That’s a lot of phones, no doubt, but not surprising given that Microsoft also stated they have 50 partners producing them.  This alone is nothing out of the ordinary, but one of those partners threw numbers of his own out there, which leads to our questions.

The CEO of HTC stated at the press event that HTC has sold more than 40 million Windows Mobile phones over their 12-year lifetime.  When you do the math that puts HTC selling 80% of all Windows Mobile phones ever.  Wow.  That just leaves 20% to divide up among the other 49 partners.  That just can’t be right, I think.  If it is correct, and HTC is that big a partner, then I would strongly recommend that Microsoft let HTC design the entire user interface for WM7.  I’m just saying.

Actually, thinking about it further HTC originally was the OEM for other branded phones for years prior to launching their in-house brand.  That HTC CEO is pretty sneaky claiming credit for everyone else’s phones.  :)



HTC were responsible for most Pocket PCs prior to Windows Mobile’s evolution into a phone OS as well. Most HP and Dell Pocket PCs were made by HTC.

Of course, they’re not always responsible for designing the models they manufacture (e.g Sony Ericsson’s Experia X1).


Aren’t HTC devices a lot more popular outside the US (just like WinMo)? If so, that would explain this.

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