Flex Insulin Pump- concept with promise

flex_2This is a bit off-topic although it is a great concept to put technology for diabetics into the mobile arena.  I am an insulin-taking diabetic and for those who are not in that special club it’s hard to understand how this can end up taking over your life.  Each day has to be planned around this need for insulin, and I am one of those diabetics who has never gotten comfortable with shooting up with insulin in front of others.

Insulin pumps are a good use of technology that both constantly monitor the wearer’s glucose level and administer the appropriate dosage of insulin automatically.  This is not only the easiest way to deal with the dependence on insulin but is a good way to keep the patient’s glucose level normal as possible all of the time.  The problem with pumps is how bulky and expensive they are which render them less portable for mobile folks.

The Flex Insulin Pump looks to change all of that, as it is basically a large bandage with an insulin pump inside.  It is designed to be worn under clothing and from the photos of the prototype looks quite good for daily use.  I know I’d certainly consider one of these babies for my own use so I hope these things get to market.  The problem with gadgets for the diabetic is we seldom see them actually come to market.

(via Yanko Design)


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