Dell files for cancelation of Psion’s “netbook” trademark

judge_lThe situation with Psion’s trademark defense of the term “netbook” has gotten a lot more interesting with Dell’s filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to cancel Psion’s trademark.  Dell is claiming that the trademark should be canceled due to Psion’s abandonment of the “netbook” trademark, as they have no products based on it.  Dell’s second reason given for canceling the trademark is most interesting as they claim Psion engaged in fraud regarding the trademark.  In the petition filed with USPTO, Dell states that in 2006, Psion claimed they had been using the “netbook” trademark for five consecutive years, a claim Dell rejects.  Finally, Dell believes the trademark should be canceled due to the “genericness” of the term as it’s come to be used.


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