Asus T91 “netvertible” gets on camera


Kevin and I got to spend a fair bit of time with Sascha of out at the CES in January.  Sascha is a great guy and deserving of the title “Mr. Netbook” for sure.  While at the CES Kevin got to play briefly with the Asus T91 convertible netbook with a touch-screen but it was pretty locked down at the time.

Sascha got to play with the T91 “netvertible” as he’s termed it (maybe he’s scared of Psion) in Taipei recently and has shot a nice video of the T91 in action.  The touch-enhanced interface he demonstrates is easily the best I’ve seen so far for netbooks.  Check out Sasha’s video and see what I mean.  Netvertible.  I just had to say it again.



I’m keeping my eye out on the T91. I would this one to replace my SC3 and keep my MSI Wind for when I need a little bit more screen size. I agree Sascha is the king of Netbooks and he must have all of them. I got talk to him at the CES Tablet Meetup and he is a great guy. We chatted about all these netbooks.


Any idea of a release date or price? This looks like EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting to replace my current notebook with. Particularly if you can throw a 6-cell on this and go all day on a charge.

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