App-a-Day and AccuWeather

I was popping through my RSS feeds today and noticed a couple of things worth passing on.  I saw from App-a-Day a mini-review of AccuWeather for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone.  I have been meaning to check out AccuWeather and this reminded me to go do it.  Finding this today finds me with egg on my face as I realized I have failed to pass on the recommendation to follow the App-a-Day web site.

This was started a few months ago by buddy Dwight Silverman and others on the Houston Chronicle staff.  I have been following them since they started the site but never mentioned them.  Theirs is a unique site that offers up reviews of smartphone apps including a grade for the app of the day.  It’s a great resource for finding new programs to try out on smartphones and they are platform-agnostic so they probably have you covered no matter what phone you use.  Check them out, better yet add them to your feeds as I did.  My bad, Dwight, sorry it took me so long.