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Skype And Mozilla Petition For iPhone 'Jailbreaking' Exemption

Skype and Mozilla have joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation in fighting against Apple’s statement that jailbreaking the iPhone constitutes copyright infringement by circumnavigating protection measures. Skype and Mozilla filed comments with the US Copyright Office arguing that it should loosen the Digital Millenium Copyright Act’s restrictions on jailbreaking iPhones, reports The Register. Naturally, Skype and Mozilla have a vested interest in their products being able to be free loaded onto devices, and a vested interest against a manufacturer (or carrier) preventing people from installing the software. Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is the main target here, but the decision would have ramifications across the mobile industry (and possibly other industries).

Apple is opposed to the exemption because “it will destroy the technological protection of Apple

3 Responses to “Skype And Mozilla Petition For iPhone 'Jailbreaking' Exemption”

  1. Thanks for bringing this up. In particular, thanks for the links to the legal filings (comments) by the various parties. Very interesting.

    Personally, although in general I am a strong supporter of openess, in this case I tend to agree more with Apple. I do believe that a significant objective is to protect the user experience and the safety of the device.

    As for Skype (of which I am a HUGE FAN having lived in Estonia for a year) I have a double reaction. I most certainly believe that Apple has a responsibility to have the App Store open to any program that does not meet reasonable qualifications. Such qualifications, however, must be for the security of the device only, not because it conflicts with their business plan.

    That said, however, we do have what I consider a reasonable conflict here. Be assured that I am NO fan of ATT. Yet one has to admit that they are in the business of providing phone service (no matter how poor). It is therefore unreasonable for a user to utilize their bandwidth in order to circumvent their own source of revenues. Therefore, I would suggest that Skype be allowed, but only on the Wifi network or when the carrier offers a plan that allows VOIP over their network.