Report: Mobile Ads Are 'Stickier;' iPhone Users Are The Most Receptive Audience

imageA rare bright spot for digital advertising: eMarketer released a report this morning that found that consumers are more receptive to mobile ads than ads on other media. The report aggregated findings from social network Limbo and research firm Gfk NOP , which surveyed mobile users. Not surprisingly, according to the report, iPhone users consumed far more information on their phones, from ads to services, than non-iPhone owners. Mobile ads also tended to stay in consumers’ minds for longer, and those consumers were more apt to click through the ads. Some of the data points in the survey:

— 41 percent of iPhone users recalled the ads they saw on their phones versus 33 percent for non-iPhone users. Some context: TV has 10 percent recall rates, while streaming video with 21 percent. What type of advertising boasts the highest recall rates? Podcasts at 68 percent.

— One third of mobile users who recalled an ad responded to it in some way — that figure jumped to two thirds for iPhone users.

— iPhone users were twice as likely to browse the web on their phones than non-iPhone users. (If you’ve ever tried to surf the web on a BlackBerry, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.)

— The mobile ads most likely to be viewed were text messages.

Mobile advertising continues to grow rapidly even in the recession and even as other digital formats slow. JP Morgan forecasts growth rates of 40 percent this year, to $2 billion. Of course, it’s a still a nascent medium and so the growth is off a relatively tiny base. Recall rates are a huge issue for publishers and advertisers: TV is fighting the ad-skipping powers of TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO), while newspapers, magazines, and radio are in a constant battle to keep people from flipping the page or turning the dial.

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