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Will Crowd-Sourcing Ruin James Patterson's Best-Seller Streak? Stay Tuned

imageThe web isn’t just changing how people read books –now, it’s starting to alter the way they’re written too. Author James Patterson has “crowd-sourced” his new book Airborne. Patterson, who has pumped out a number of best-selling crime novels, wrote only the first and last sections of the new 30-chapter novel; publishers Borders Australia and Random House held a contest to find 28 writers to pen the rest of it, according to ReadWriteWeb.

In keeping with the digital times, Airborne will be released online one chapter at a time, and it won’t be mass-produced in print. But this isn’t Wikipedia-style crowd-sourcing: Airborne won’t be subject to ongoing edits by an unlimited number of people. Still, it will be interesting to see whether a book written by multiple authors is remotely readable and can generate meaningful sales.