Disney Buys Kids Animation Site Kerpoof


imageThe Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) company has bought Kerpoof, a site that lets kids create their own animations and artwork, Techcrunch reported. No word on the terms of the deal. Kerpoof will still operate its standalone website, though its tools will soon be available on Disney’s homepage as well. The purchase follows Disney’s acquisition pattern over the past year of buying smaller sites that are more complementary to the company’s core products.

The Kerpoof set of online art tools are described as “mostly free.” It also offers a tiered-subscription policy for those who want to become members. Users can choose a one-month membership for $4.39, while six months entry costs $24.79 and finally an annual subscription fee is $44.79. The subscriptions are aimed at parents and teachers. The site itself isn’t otherwise clear about what sort of extras paid membership gets you.

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