Toshiba TG01 captured on video- Snapdragon graphics are hot


One of the most innovative phones to be shown off at the Mobile World Congress is the Toshiba TG01.  We have a soft spot in our hearts for Toshiba Windows Mobile devices and the TG01 has them coming back into this world with a bang.

The TG01 is as thin as the iPhone but a little bigger due to a gorgeous 4.1-inch screen.  This screen is powered by the Snapdragon graphics chips, and all indications are this is the fastest graphics available on any Windows Mobile device.  Toshiba has also developed a custom UI, “Stripes,” that sits on top of Windows Mobile 6.1 and makes for a nice interface.  This interface is complete with configurable device shaking that can do things like bring you back to the home page with a shake.

The folks at Intomobile have a great video that shows off all aspects of the TG01.  It is worth a view if you want to see what companies like Toshiba can do with the older Windows Mobile 6.1 OS.



Thank God it doesn’t have that capacitive screen, I would hate using worse tech.

Very awesome for a prototype phone. I’m sure WinMo6.5 will slide on this device as Toshiba in the past supported updates well. As far as the today screen, the resolution will fit the one from the Touch HD or the Touch Pro 2, so you can always have a choice on how you want it laid out.

Just like on your iPhone… Oh wait, that’s right, you can only do what Steve Jobs wants you to do ;)


For me I’m really digging the “2001”-esque (as in the movie, not the actual year) typography on the screen and the retro late 60s color style. That UI is a dead ringer for the display screens on the Discovery and in HAL’s control room.

It all says “Dave, I think you should take a stress pill and think this over,” to me.


I hate to say it, but it’s still not as smooth as the iPhone, and it’s painful watching the guy repeatedly stabbing at the X button in the top right to close an application.

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