Toshiba TG01 captured on video- Snapdragon graphics are hot

One of the most innovative phones to be shown off at the Mobile World Congress is the Toshiba TG01.  We have a soft spot in our hearts for Toshiba Windows Mobile devices and the TG01 has them coming back into this world with a bang.

The TG01 is as thin as the iPhone but a little bigger due to a gorgeous 4.1-inch screen.  This screen is powered by the Snapdragon graphics chips, and all indications are this is the fastest graphics available on any Windows Mobile device.  Toshiba has also developed a custom UI, “Stripes,” that sits on top of Windows Mobile 6.1 and makes for a nice interface.  This interface is complete with configurable device shaking that can do things like bring you back to the home page with a shake.

The folks at Intomobile have a great video that shows off all aspects of the TG01.  It is worth a view if you want to see what companies like Toshiba can do with the older Windows Mobile 6.1 OS.


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