San Francisco City CarShare Considering Think EV?


We were so excited about the news that City CarShare would be getting a new plug-in Prius in San Francisco that we logged into our account this afternoon to see when the car would be available. Once there, we discovered a list of cars that will supposedly be available for City CarShare customers in conjunction with the “Green Vehicle Showcase,” a group of green cars that the city of San Francisco is showing off near City Hall. Among the City CarShare vehicles listed in the showcase is the Think EV (see image below), which would be unusual, given that Think doesn’t appear to yet be selling its electric vehicles in North America. Then again, the company had been planning to offer its first vehicles to city fleets.


But when we chatted with City CarShare spokesperson Anita Daley, she said the inclusion of the Think EV and some of the other cars in the Green Vehicle Showcase was the result of a glitch that exposed the backend database; City CarShare does not currently have a Think EV in its possession. It had one several years ago (when Ford made them for the U.S. market), she said, but gave it up when the line was recalled. Daley did add, however, that City CarShare is considering a variety of new yet-to-be announced plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (beyond the plug-in Prius announced this morning) and that it will be offering those sometime soon.

We’re not sure if the software glitch on City CarShare’s site means that it will be getting one of the new Think EVs. A couple hours later CityCar Share changed the Green Vehicle Showcase to feature just the one plug-in Prius that it announced this morning. But it would make sense that City CarShare would be considering adding a Think EV to its fleet, especially since the new Thinks, which are due to be sold in the U.S. sometime this year, were meant to be handed out to cities looking to green their fleets.

But the glitch made us wonder, will the Think EV’s actually be available in the U.S. this year? The Norwegian electric car maker Think created a 50-50 joint venture called Think North America with venture firms Kleiner Perkins and RockPort Capital Partners, and announced that partnership last April. But all of that was before Think ran into financing trouble earlier this year — yikes!


Anita Daley

This article has made quite a tour on the Internet, compelling me to clarify that this wasn’t a “glitch” in our database. I explained to the writer that because the plug-in vehicle for the location she selected wasn’t activated yet (meaning a member could not reserve it), the system simply displayed all vehicles in our system. This brand new vehicle was being launched for a press event and therefore, not available to our membership.

Once the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) was activated, the system displayed just that vehicle. This is the default action for our system, not a glitch.

Although not happy that our system’s functionality was misrepresented, I am pleased that people got to see the array of fuel-efficient, low emission vehicles that City CarShare offers. We strive to keep our environmental impact low by providing the most eco-sensitive vehicles as possible for each class of car in our fleet, such as compacts, sedans and pick up trucks. –thanks!

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