Samsung Q1UP Finally Gets the Windows 7 Treatment


windows-7-samsung-umpcI’ve had a long and storied love affair with the Samsung Q1 series of Ultra Mobile PCs, but I think it’s time to break it off. After all, I’m recently married, so affairs understandably don’t sit will with the spouse. With the netbook craze upon us, I find that I’m simply not using my Q1 Ultra Premium these days. In order to replenish the gadget fund,  it’s going to be sold in the near future.

As a last hurrah, I’m finally getting around to installing the Windows 7 beta. This effort will likely appeal to current Q1 owners only since I don’t see any new UMPCs on the horizon from Samsung. No, that Samsung MID running Windows  Mobile 6.1 isn’t even in the same league. Actually, it might be since I appear to be out of extra RAM… I’ve stuck a 512MB stick in the Q1UP this morning as a result! I’ll have to dig around because I’d like to use 1GB of memory with Windows 7 as that’s the norm for this UMPC to begin with.

So the install is running and the floor is open: Got any questions about Windows 7 on a touchscreen UMPC?



If you install this driver
the panning function work very well in windows 7.
p.s select ” Egalax Usb “

anyone knows a method for panning with the original drivers or something free.
pan is an essential function in Windows 7 for our Q1U

John Navara

Any luck with the MenuUI buttons? I really would like to get the buttons to work so that I can program them when I want to rotate the screen. I tried the newest MenuUI driver which were I haven’t had any other issues with my Q1. My model is a FP-Q1-F000/SEA. Thanks John


Kevin C. Tofel your married? lol I swore you were gay. Howyoudoin?

Quentin Dewolf

I have been running win7 on my q1u for a while now and the only problem i have had is the built-in wireless network card. I replaced the atheros one with an intel and browsing the web is really slow. when i disable the internal one and put a netgear usb wirless card in it works great.


Kamikun: Most things did work out of the box just with the Win7 install… the touch screen did work with the standard driver (though you could not rotate the screen). About the only things that didn’t work right out of the box were the buttons. The big reason I more with the drivers was to see if I could fix the “sleep lockup”. Unfortunately, still haven’t figured that one out.

Oh well… it is a beta!

I have been running it very well on a Lenovo X61. Only problem I’ve seen there: if I haven’t shut it down in a few days (just using sleep/hibernate) and I have a lot of windows open, I get some pen “jitter” toward the bottom of the screen… doesn’t do it when I’m running XP, so I don’t think it’s a hardware problem.


Dave, Thanks for the info. I’m surprised that setting up a Win7 box is still not yet a turn-key operation and that you still have to futz about with drivers and configuration protocols.

I thought the whole point of advanced tech was to get rid of this engineering overhead. Here’s hoping the release version is more noob-friendly…. at least for me.


I’ve had Win 7 on my Asus R2H for about a month now and really love it. It actually runs much better than XP.

The inking experience is outstanding with the toouch screen – the ink looks smoother and the accuracy is much better.

I used the Vista drivers available from Asus. Not sure if it is the same case with the Q1, but with the R2H evidently it matters what order you install the drivers in. Warner Crocker on GottaBeMobile did a lot of trial and error in setting up Vista on the R2H and I used his final installation order.

There is only one thing that does not work properly – when you try to wake the system out of sleep, it locks up. The fan comes on, but that’s it. Hibernate works fine, just sleep mode…so, I disabled sleep in the power settings and just use hibernate if I’m transporting it. Other than that, the little guy is a charm!


Seriously, I would really like to hear about your inking experience on the Q1UP with Win7 – and, if you’re taking requests, could you spend some time trying out the Japanese or Chinese handwriting input?

I know you and James have sort of gotten over your handwriting input fetish – but with Asian languages it’s a freakin’ blessing. Often even native speakers may misread words because they use complicated or rarely used symbols, or the symbols are used with uncommon pronounciations. Handwriting is the best way to overcome this obstacle.

I am seriously considering buying one of the new netbook convertables coming out on the market, like the CTL 2Go (~$500) (assuming I can’t make the bid price for your machine). But they only come with XP (non-tablet) – Win7 would be an after-market choice if the handwriting is good.

Thanks for whatever input (pun intended) you can offer.


Just a note from one of your old “flames,” Kevin – she’s still with me. Your first Q1 is still working fine and is going to work with me each day helping spread the joy of English to Japanese salarymen.

But I have to admit… having already opened the door to taking sloppy seconds… that Q1UP is looking pretty hot. So, er, you guys breaking up or what? You think I could get her number?

Kevin C. Tofel

Yes to both although I don’t normally change the screen res from the native 1024×600. I can take a look at battery life, but bear in mind that both of my batteries have some wear on them. I’ll see if I can account for that and try to get the wattage drain; that would remove the battery wear from the equation.


Are you able to change the screen resolution or test the system performance. My system will freeze as soon as I start.
Should tell you that even with this small issues, I would pay for Windows 7.
are you planning to test battery life, I am seeing some better than average run times just using native power management.

Kevin C. Tofel

I’m not seeing any video driver issues. The display worked properly upon installation. There was an updated driver listed as optional in Windows Update, which I applied, and that works fine too.


ok, windows 7 is so much better on the Q1UP, any luck with video drivers, almost everything works but still not at 100% yet. The new drivers seem to be working just need to change screen resolution.


I have been running windows 7 on my samsung q1 ultra premium since december last year. I love it compared to both vista and xp. The only thing I miss is the omnipass password software, but thats the only thing I cant get to work on here. Just for your info authentec has a beta fingerprint login software for windows 7 that works well. It alows you to login to windows with your finger. Here is the website.

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