Samsung Q1UP Finally Gets the Windows 7 Treatment

windows-7-samsung-umpcI’ve had a long and storied love affair with the Samsung Q1 series of Ultra Mobile PCs, but I think it’s time to break it off. After all, I’m recently married, so affairs understandably don’t sit will with the spouse. With the netbook craze upon us, I find that I’m simply not using my Q1 Ultra Premium these days. In order to replenish the gadget fund,  it’s going to be sold in the near future.

As a last hurrah, I’m finally getting around to installing the Windows 7 beta. This effort will likely appeal to current Q1 owners only since I don’t see any new UMPCs on the horizon from Samsung. No, that Samsung MID running Windows  Mobile 6.1 isn’t even in the same league. Actually, it might be since I appear to be out of extra RAM… I’ve stuck a 512MB stick in the Q1UP this morning as a result! I’ll have to dig around because I’d like to use 1GB of memory with Windows 7 as that’s the norm for this UMPC to begin with.

So the install is running and the floor is open: Got any questions about Windows 7 on a touchscreen UMPC?


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