Must-have software for the BlackBerry Storm


AppleBerry theme

AppleBerry theme

I’ve only had a couple of days to investigate utilities and other software to load on the BlackBerry Storm (s rimm) but I’ve already come up with a few “must-have” apps.  These may not be for everyone but they are already making a difference in the use I get out of the Storm throughout the day.  Some are free and some are not, so you may want to try the free ones first.

AppleBerry Theme– free.  This free theme is so clean and makes the Storm easier to use with the fingers.  You may not care for the “Appleness” (s aapl) of this theme but I find it attractive nonetheless.  It will auto-preview email and calendar events when you tap their icon on the home screen.

QuickLaunch– $4.99.  This cheap utility lets you build a quicklaunch bar that can be toggled on/off with a convenience key on the side of the Storm.  You can add programs and, more importantly, actions to the menu.  I have added “Call Sheri,” for example, which will fire up the Phone app and dial my wife’s mobile number.  This has already been a big boon as I put the most frequently performed actions in the QL menu accessible from anywhere in the phone.


Google Maps– free.  This new version for the Storm uses the GPS to fix your location. (thanks to Kevin for this one)

Gmail Mobile– free.  If you use Gmail (s goog) you will want this app.  It makes using Gmail on the Storm almost as good as using it on the G1 Android phone, which is pretty darn good.  It will also notify you using the Storm’s message indicator when you have new mail.

Facebook– free.  This app makes using the Storm to interface with your Facebook account a breeze.

Google Talk– free.  If you use this for IM you’ll want the Storm version.

Google Sync– free.  I sense a Google meme.  :)  This utility keeps your Google cloud data always synced with your Storm so if you use Google Contacts or Calendar you’ll want this.

WSJ Mobile (direct OTA download)- free.  This mobile version of the Wall Street Journal does a good job presenting the news of the day in a format that works well on the touch screen of the Storm.

This is just the short list for now, but all of these have already become an integral part of my work.  YMMV though, so try them if you see a fit.  Some of these were preloaded in the Applications folder by Verizon so check there first.  You can download it by clicking there if so.  I am looking for a good Twitter app for the Storm.  Twitterberry sucks on the Storm, so I’m open to any suggestions you might have.  I have used the web site for Twitter but it’s not working as well as I’d like.

Thanks to Hector Gomez for the WSJ Mobile tip.


Eric Cartman

I Hate My Storm its gay and it freezes To much and its boring…. I’m Changing To the iphone 3g its way better and its fun .. Also Way More apps


A few of James’ choices require an always-on data link to work – including Google Maps, which works fine on my old TX when accessed using wifi, but ‘you can’t get there from here’ on a BB.

Its a pity that so many software providers are creating products that require full time (paid for) wireless connectivity when so many BBs now have access to wifi and could do the same thing with on-demand access.

The iPhone Effect.



You fail to realize that purchasing a BlackBerry on Verizon requires you to purchase a data plan (which is unlimited by the way) and the Storm does not have WiFi (who needs it when you always have 3G access). What I don’t understand is how you think there could be an application that would work on WiFi and somehow not work on a data plan? If it works on one it will work on the other, it wouldn’t require you to have a data plan, and even if you could somehow get a BlackBerry without a data plan that does have WiFi what would be the point, you couldn’t get your emails and that’s what BlackBerries are all about. You should really get your facts straight before you go making comments like that.

Kevin C. Tofel

Mike, the data plan is limited. It’s a fairly generous 5GB monthly limit, but it’s not truly unlimited. Also, there are applications that work over WiFi but not on 3G. Apps that use your local WLAN to remote control an app or a PC for example. Works on WiFi but won’t always work over 3G because many of those apps communicate to and from specific private IP addresses.


I think you missed Opera Mini. Browsing is so much better when you use that free app…


I’m not liking the apple theme, but I do like it’s features! I like how the screenshot is showing an agenda for a Toronto,Canada resident even more =D


I think Kevin is going to break down and get the Storm. I agree thanks to Kevin for the heads up on the Google Maps, I have been waiting for this one.

Jeremy Jones

The WeatherBug app for Storm (free) is really nice. It uses GPS to give you weather details for where you’re at.

Also slacker now has a storm app. I start a radio station and plug it into my car aux jack.

It’s probably worth noting blackberry media sync. It syncs your iTunes music with your storm. Now that iTunes is DRM-free it is very useful.

I’m glad you are liking the storm. So many negative comments for a phone that I have been very happy with since launch.

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