ComputerWorld Accuses Apple of Killing Universal Cell Chargers

A day after millions of consumers were excited to read that the top cell phone makers were rallying behind a universal charger, ComputerWorld has killed the buzz by writing that it will never work. And why is that? Because Apple (s aapl), with its 1.1 percent cell phone market share, isn’t on board. Well, yes, if you’re after a universal standard it’s probably safe to say that Apple is going to ruin it with their style-conscious, consumer-friendly, proprietary products.

The article stretches the impact of Apple’s proprietary nature by speculating that it will introduce other lines of phones, perhaps even a cheap flip phone. And all of these hypothetical Apple phones may not have the “standard” universal micro-USB port (the author also tosses in the fact that micro USB might one day get upstaged by better technology).

So what? The universal charger may not end up being universal, but neither is Apple’s market share. Still, getting the majority of the industry behind a standard charger is a great thing for most consumers, who will happily accept one fewer cord cluttering up their outlet. But here’s to hoping Apple gets with the program. It did trade FireWire out for USB on its iPods and MacBooks, after all.