Reuters Streamlines Global Multimedia Groups, As Challenges Heat Up


As competitors like Bloomberg and Associated Press have become more aggressive on the digital and video front, Thomson Reuters (NSDQ: TRIN) is trying to step up by introducing a new management structure for its multimedia offerings. The company said Chris Cramer, who was named head of multimedia back in October, will serve as the unit’s global editor. Cramer’s new responsibilities entail the creation of five editorial groups, including TV, photos, financial video, online and agency. By coordinating those different parts together, Thomson Reuters hopes to build on its appeal, even while it strenuously tries to cut costs.

The five multimedia groups will be led by senior editors, two of which — online global editor and agency global editor — are new posts and have not yet been filled. As for the other three, Mike Stepanovich, SVP and global head of business development, adds the role of managing editor of the financial video service; John Clarke and Tom Szlukovenyi, will continue in their jobs overseeing TV and photos, respectively.

Cramer was a president and managing director of CNN International before he retired from the Turner network in 2007. David Schlesinger, Reuters’ editor-in-chief, brought him into the company last year to handle the financial video service. Before this change, only the teams who worked on financial video and online reported to Cramer.

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