@ MWC: Skype To Carriers: You Need Us Too, You Really Do

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imageCarriers have traditionally ruled the roost in the mobile world. But when the iPhone came along, they were forced to concede that device makers — or at least some of them — were as important as they were. Now, software providers are clamoring for the same status.

A day after his company announced that it had struck a distribution deal with Nokia (NYSE: NOK), Skype CEO Josh Silverman took the stage at the Mobile World Congress to declare that it’s

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There is some interesting ironies in the Skype discussion. Mobile operators build a fantastic revenue model around voice services. They then spend exorbitant amounts buying spectrum and creating fast networks to offer new rich services which eventually get reduced to…. free voice. The mobile phone companies had some much to teach the internet world about making money. It seems the reverse is true, the internet world is teaching the mobile operators how to not make money :-)

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