UPDATE: WunderRadio launching for Windows Mobile- get your free copy here!

WunderRadio iPhone version

WunderRadio iPhone version

The folks at WunderRadio have let us know they are preparing to launch their program for the Windows Mobile platform.  WunderRadio is a program that makes it easy to listen to over 36,000 live Internet radio streams on the mobile handset.  It has been available for the iPhone for a while and is regularly one of the top paid apps in the App Store.

WunderRadio for Windows Mobile will cost $14.99 when it launches with a 30-day promotion for $9.99 but they know our readers love streaming audio on their handset so they are providing a free copy of the program for the first 100 jkOnTheRun readers who send them an email to support@jeyo.com.  They’ll then send you a code to get the program free and clear so you can begin listening to the streaming audio goodness they provide.

The service and application makes it possible to listen to your favorite local radio stations from anywhere and provides such a good experience that Rolling Stone magazine called it “The best radio hub around.”  Get your free copy and let us know what you think of WunderRadio.

UPDATE: it didn’t take long to get the 100 “callers” and there are no more free copies to be had.  Thanks to all who tried.


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