Universal Phone Charger Standards Inch Closer to Micro-USB


ucnAbout 18-months ago, the Open Mobile Terminal Platform was pushing for standard phone chargers using the micro-USB interface. Today, we’re finally getting somewhere. The Register The Guardian reports that all five phone companies in the U.K. are adopting micro-USB as the standard. Hopefully more will follow, now that the GSM Association has adopted the plan. All told, 17 operators and vendors are aiming for the single standard by 2012.

At this point, I have three full power-strips plugged in to my home office walls. Nearly every handheld device has its own charger, complete with different voltage outputs and plug. Is it any wonder that I’m constantly moving a solar charger around the house while the Earth rotates?


Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Jake; I was reading my UK sites too early this morning. Fixed. Correct, Apple hasn’t declared any support for such a standard.


Kevin, your link to The Register actually points to The Guardian.

Also, its worth noting that Apple are conspicuously absent from today’s announcement. Apparently they care more about money than the environment.


But there is one particular “phone” company that has remained silent on this. Guess who??

Kevin C. Tofel

Oliver, practically all electronics in the entire house are on switches or power-strips. Those that are on power-strips get completely shut down when not in use in order to reduce “vampire” drains of electricity. This practice has made a noticeable decrease on our electricity consumption. I have some “smart plugs” on order as well. These are smart power strips. When the “master device” on the plug is shut down, other related devices are shut down as well. Example: a computer could be the master device while a monitor, printer and powered external drive could be secondary. Turn the computer off and the smart power strip turns off juice to all other devices.


Kevin, do you unplug those chargers that aren’t in use, or do you let them leach power? (which might easily counter any “green” effect you get from your solar charger, though I am certainly no expert on this, but I know that something’s keepin’ those chargers nice and snuggly warm).

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