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Truphone Cuts Roaming Costs for International Jet-setters

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truphonelocalanywherelogo1150px1A Los Angeles Times reporter recently called me for advice about a $400 AT&T bill covering his iPhone activities while “roaming” in Vancouver, Canada, over a weekend. He wanted to know what could be done to reduce such charges while travelling outside his carrier’s home territory. He’s in luck: Truphone says today its planning to launch one solution later this year: Truphone Local Anywhere. It’s a single SIM service that provides local numbers across multiple carriers (internationally!) on a single handset. Bottom line: Road warriors and mobile professionals can avoid roaming-charge shock on international travel. It’s due to launch in the third quarter.

8 Responses to “Truphone Cuts Roaming Costs for International Jet-setters”

  1. No, it won’t work on the iPhone as it’s a SIM, so will only work in a SIM unlocked phone (you can always jailbreak and SIM unlock using Yellowsn0w).

    It’s similar to MaxRoam and AwayPhone who have SIMs available now.